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Robert Douglas Wotawa, better known as Bob, born February 13, 1951 and passed in his home on Wednesday, July 2, 2020 at the age 69. He is survived by his adoring children Zachary Wotawa and Gwendolyn Wotawa.

 This rascally rabbit was born the youngest of three to Elizabeth Foote and Anthony Wotawa. He has joined his sister, Francis Kaempfer, to poke fun at each other in the hereafter along with her daughter Karlyn Kaempfer, and is also survived by his brother Dan Wotawa, and nieces: Jennifer Kaempfer, Holli Kaempfer, Connie Wotawa, Amy Wotawa, and Rebecca Wotawa.

 He was born with music in his heart and head. He spent the ‘60s with headphones blaring music of all types from his beloved Beatles to Frank Zappa, and everything in between.

 He followed this sound to work as Master Sound Technician at the Repertory Theater of St. Louis for 25 years. He was in the IATSE Union and was a stagehand to concerts all across St. Louis. Rocking out for work was a dream come true. For his hobbies, collecting a Porsche, Kawasaki motorcycle, various airstreams, trucks, and more fixer-uppers put that incredibly curious mind to work. 

 His marriage of 16 years gave him his greatest passion: his children. Raising his two red-heads with his tickle monster character left them in happy tears, his freckly arms built a tire swing and fort that gave them joy, and oatmeal and brown sugar breakfast that gave them warmth. His tender heart showed his children how proud their every accomplishment or effort made him. 

 A regular regime of camping with his kids changed to a movie-going routine in his retirement years. Ronnie’s knew his family’s faces and was almost always followed by cocktail hour.

 With his smiley blue eyes there was never a lack of laughing until you couldn’t breathe, being involved with his kids’ needs, or music. Like a beautiful song, he left you wanting more. He has saved his encore for the afterlife!

 Ceremony to be held Thursday, July 16th, 2020 a private location. Please contact his children for details for his final Happy Hour!