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COVID-19 Funeral Assistance – FEMA is now helping those that have lost a loved one from COVID-19. Click HERE to review the information on eligibility and requirements on the COVID-19 Funeral.

Pre-Arranging your funeral services is the best way for you to be there for your family and loved ones.

Nothing can take away the pain, but we can help lessen the burden of uncertainty through advanced planning. Pre-arrangement is the planning of funeral services before they are needed, often well before they are needed.

You May Be Asking Yourself

  • How can I pre-arrange my funeral?
  • What really are my options?
  • How do I make sure my wishes are honored?
  • How do I protect my family and loved ones?

Our Pledge to You: AFFORDABILITY AND DIGNITY. By pre-planning your funeral with Kutis Funeral Home, Inc, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your wishes will be fulfilled.

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The Advantages of Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

  • Time – You have the time now to consider all your options.
  • Customized Service – Making your own arrangements assures that your wishes will be carried out.
  • Peace of Mind – Relieving your family of the burden of making important decisions that may be difficult for them.
  • Avoids emotional overspending by your family or loved ones, at a time in which they may be grieving your loss, and aren’t fully equipped to handle such decisions.
  • Secure – Your investment is placed in a local trust and stays here in our community.
  • Funding – Payment options are arranged individually to fit your budget.
  • Price – Locks in funeral cost at today’s price, in today’s dollars, and remains inflation proof.
  • 100% Refund Guaranteed / Monthly Payments / No finance charge.



You are not alone. For anyone who chooses to make his or her funeral arrangements in advance, there is always a licensed funeral director here to serve you, at each of the Kutis Funeral Home, Inc locations. A Pre-Arranged funeral is a personal decision and a subject we rarely want to discuss or think about, but it is part of our lives.

At Kutis, our prices are the same, at all of our locations. We will provide you with a free funeral cost estimate. There is never any pressure, or obligation. We invite you to call or contact us today, so that we can set up a time, to discuss this very important matter.

You may also want to include this thoughtful letter with your Pre-Arrangement Plan.

To My Family,

The hardest time in our life is when we lose someone we love.

Although our family and friends comfort us, the loss and heartache is difficult to bear.

It is because of these feelings of grief and helplessness, that I have decided to remove some of the hardship of your having to make choices at a very difficult time.

I felt it would be best for everyone, if I made some plans ahead of time. It’s good to know that my wishes will be carried out, and that no financial burden will be placed on my family.

I always knew that providing the best for my family, would mean making some difficult decisions in advance. But at this difficult time, I’d like those I care about the most, to be able to celebrate the special memories.

I hope you will be pleased with the choices I have made, and that you will respect my wishes.

This is my gift of love to you.

Love always,


Kutis Funeral Home, Inc Inflation Proof Plan

The funeral and burial process is never easy. At Kutis Funeral Home, Inc, we strive to provide a caring atmosphere and dedicated family staff to ease the pain of loss. We understand that each family’s needs are unique, and our complete and quality funeral service package is designed to simplify things for you, and your family.

Our Pledge

AFFORDABILITY AND DIGNITY. Planning your funeral services well in advance,  before they are needed allows you to pre-plan  within your budget, and in which you can have  total confidence.

Our Practice

Offering arrangements you can fund,  at a guaranteed price without an arrangement  fee or finance charge. (Funds are protected in a St. Louis financial institution and are not sent out of state.)

Our Policy

Caring professionals, licensed funeral directors, not salesmen, helping you fulfill your wishes, your needs, and your desires.

The Inflation Proof Plan Includes:

  • Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home
  • Embalming
  • Hairstyling
  • Dressing and Casketing
  • One Afternoon and Evening Visiting
  • Funeral Service the next day at Church or at the Funeral Home
  • Committal Service at the Cemetery
  • Organist and Soloist (at Funeral Home)
  • Hearse
  • Prayer Cards
  • Acknowledgement Cards
  • Register Book
  • Starting at $4,445*
  • *(in addition to your casket selection)

Unconditional Guarantee

Every pre-arranged funeral planned at Kutis Funeral Home, Inc carries our Unconditional Guarantee of a 100%  Refund should you decide, for any reason, to cancel. *This does not apply to those who have an irrevocable  pre-need, or are on Medicaid.

Our funeral services are provided in two packages, the Traditional Funeral Offering, and the Park Lawn Package, which includes burial at the Park Lawn Cemetery. Additional services are always available upon request. We want  to make the difficult grieving process as easy as possible. Please feel free to call or contact us to learn more about specific pre-arranged packages and services. Prices Effective 4/11/2022.

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