A Rainbow Life

Kenneth John Hahn was born 7/12/1953 in East Saint Louis, Ill. to Charles E. Hahn and Vidamae (née) Moore Hahn. He lived his early years at 9 Judith Street in Cahokia Illinois, a mile south of the industrial smoke-stack village of Sauget where Midwest Rubber and Monsanto Chemical Plants would occasionally send a haze of smelly fumes. He attended Holy Family schools until the family (the Hahn family not the Holy Family) moved onto the bluffs above Dupo Ill. where the family had taken Sunday drives to get in the country and clean air. The family built a house on one acre, which was the beginning of Ken’s knowledge of construction.( He later would help rehab a burnt-out house in Collinsville, a townhouse in Tower Groves and a hundred year old home on Pestalozzi Strasse.) Ken attended the remainder of his Elementary School career at Sacred Heart until attending Assumption High School (later converted to a medium-security prison).

After being released from Assumption High School he attended Southern Illinois University, Carbondale for a couple years before deciding to enter the world of work. Ken took a job at Ma Bell in St. Louis and soon became an essential troubleshooter for communication mainframes. When not needed to fix things, he would jog on the top floor of his nearly-deserted office building. He remained at Ma Bell until he retired at the ripe young age of 50.

Ken exhibited a full spectrum of colorful talents and interests at an early age. Besides helping build the family home while in grade school, he also built an elaborate village of twigs and weeds that was the focus of the neighborhood kids’ summer fun. Ken was the Mayor of Hutsville. He also built a skateboard from roller skates, a cornhusker from a washing machine lid and replicated the Starship Enterprise in the garage attic. His fondness of Star Trek led him to recording the sound track of every episode on Grandpa Hahn’s ancient reel-to-reel and playing it back at night, much to the chagrin of his siblings next door. Ken was a Trekkie before it became fashionable.

Ken also had a talent for music, teaching himself to play the flute, which he did for a few weddings, including two of his siblings. He also taught himself how to play the guitar and composed a touching song about two mainframes falling in and out of love. If it would have been put on Youtube it certainly would have gone viral. Ken also applied his humor, creativity and techy expertise to producing some fun family DVDs and an ingenious Hahn Family Jeopardy computer game, which was not a trivial effort.

Ken met Ken Roberts in January, 1982 and began a life-long loving partnership. They traveled extensively, including China, most of Europe, Russia, Nova Scotia, Israel, Tukey, the Caribbean, Mexico and Costa Rica. In 1999, Ken Roberts purchased 40 acres on the Bourbeuse River and had a delightful log cabin built which became a favorite retreat for friends and two Hahn family reunions. Ken and Ken were the ultimate hosts, and Rosamond Hill Farm provided such entertaining activities as float trips on the river, ladder golf, hillbilly water polo in a kiddie pool, campfires and singing on Eagle rock and lots of Canasta with ever-changing rules.

Towards the end of his life, Ken had three major losses that deeply saddened him – the loss of Mindy, his beloved Scott Terrier, his mom, and then Ken Roberts. Ken started fading into a haze which was interrupted by enjoyable occasions with friends and family, card playing and humor. However, between the hazes of his polluted beginning and ending, Ken experienced the full spectrum of a colorful life – A Rainbow LIfe.
Our dear brother Kenneth John Hahn passed away on Saturday February 8, 2020. Ken was 66 years old.
Ken was preceded in death by his partner of 38 years Ken Roberts and his parents Charles E.Hahn and Vidamae (née) Moore Hahn.
Kenny leaves behind his six siblings, fifteen nieces and nephews, fourteen great nieces and nephews.
Richard Edwin Hahn, Lauren (Matthew), Michael
Sandra Jeanne Anderson, David Anderson, Mark (Norma), Shane (Stacy)
Dan Joseph Maloney Hahn, Lisa Maloney Hahn, Justin (Reiko), Elisha (Igor)
Sue Latinette, Ian, Micah (Rachel), Anna (Joel), Jonas
Mary Jo Dell-Vogt, David Vogt, Rachael (Glen), Jason
Lisa Marie Spies, Michael Spies, Janelle (Caleb), Carson, Delaynie

A memorial visitation will be held at Kutis City Chapel , 2906 Gravois Avenue, Saint Louis on Saturday February 15,2020 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Christ Church Cathedral, 1210 Locust St., St. Louis, MO 63103 to their Homeless program with Ken Hahn’s name.