Sean Erin McDaniel of St. Louis passed away abruptly and unexpectedly (his style) on January 3, 2019. Sean was a big, goofy, lovable guy with the outsized personality to match. He was the type to show up at a modest dinner party with 20 odd tacos and launch into a diatribe about some obscure 90s movie that he had caught on late night television the evening before. Sharing anecdotes to the delight of listeners. He could also be a shy and private person. But would not hesitate to engage those he loved in earnest and heartfelt conversation. He was a singular individual.

He was an accomplished cook who managed to work his way from dishwasher to running his own kitchen before graduating high school. He worked himself to exhaustion and paid for it with poor sleep and odd hours. He was deeply empathetic and profoundly generous. He would not hesitate to help anyone he knew, near strangers even, out of a jam. He was known to invite strangers to holiday gatherings so that they could get themselves a hot plate when they had no family to call their own. He loved his poochies and sent unsolicited photos of his latest gastronomic creation to his mother. He lived big and our world is poorer without his presence.

Sean is survived by his mother Annie McDaniel of Dallas, his brother Adam and wife Caitlin McDaniel, brother Jacob McDaniel and wife Alison Dreith, and grandfather Terry Linehan of St. Louis, and by many uncles, aunts, cousin and friends.

A Memorial Service will be take place on Sunday, January 13th at Kutis Funeral Home (2906 Gravois Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63118) from 2-4pm. Feel free to join us as we celebrate his life. Share songs, photos and memories with us. It brings us comfort. You are welcome to send flowers or make a donation to stray rescue but we think he would have preferred that you do an unexpected and unsolicited act of kindness for someone in your life (even if you’ve only just met them).