Christopher Meyer, father of Cash Linton Meyer, fiance of Dora McMichael and son of Laurel Meyer and the late Dr. Robert C. Meyer was loved by all who had the pleasure to be around him. His happy spirit, humility, and sense of humor could not have been more present. He loved life and knew not to take the trivial seriously. What mattered most to Chris was his son, family, and caring for his patients as the outstanding nurse he was. Please remember his laugh and constant caring for others as we mourn his passing. He would want us all happy in knowing he fully enjoyed every moment he could while he was with us.

Chris was survived by two sisters; Andrea, 32 and Margaret, 28, and two brothers; Charlie, 40 and Eric, 36, as well as, his step children Spencer, Vanessa, Olivia, and future step children, Jeremy and Amber.

Memorial Arrangements:

Monday,  July 10th,  4p to 9p

Tuesday, July 11th, 9a to 11a

Service at 11AM, burial to follow


Kutis Funeral home

Address: 10151 Gravois Rd

St. Louis, MO 63123

Phone: (314) 842-4458


St Trinity Cemetery

Address: 2160 Lemay Ferry Rd.  63125